Makerere varsity deputy registrar faces dismissal


Makerere University Deputy Registrar Margaret Etuusa, who collected money from parents and students for keeping their phones during the just-concluded 67th graduation ceremony, faces dismissal.

Ms Etuusa, who is in charge of Certificates, Ceremonies and Production Division, was suspended on March 7 by the acting Vice Chancellor, Prof Okello Ogwang, pending disciplinary action.

“Your written explanation was found not convincing. Accordingly, you are hereby suspended on half pay with immediate effect and your matter is forwarded to the appointments board for Disciplinary action,” Prof Ogwang stated in the letter suspending Ms Etuusa.

The committee that was instituted to investigate irregularities surrounding Ms Etuusa’s conduct recommended that she should be dismissed from the university over fraud.

Sources told this newspaper that Ms Etuusa admitted that she pocketed the money after she was summoned to defend herself.
When contacted, the spokesperson of the university, Ms Rita Namisango, confirmed the report but directed us to the appointments board where the report was forwarded before the final conclusion is made.

The chairperson of the appointment board, Mr Bruce Kabaasa, told Daily Monitor that he has also forwarded the report to the legal department and experts in human resource to advice further.

“I have not yet owned the report from the investigations committee in relation to dismissal of Ms Etuusa until the legal team confirms it. I expect the legal team and human resource experts to verify the investigations and advise us on whether we should dismiss her or not,” Mr Kabaasa said.

He explained that these experts are likely to conclude their verification by end of this month and the final decision shall be reached.

Ms Etuusa, when contacted said she is not aware of the new developments.

“I am not aware of anything at a moment much as I heard that my dismissal is still being handled. So let us wait for the final communication to come,” Ms Etuusa said.

Preliminary reports showed that Ms Etuusa overstepped her powers and abused her office by single-handedly procuring the phone handler. She signed a letter awarding a contract to Exxon Contractors Ltd to keep watch over mobile phones and other gadgets for nearly 44,000 unsuspecting graduands and guests during the ceremony at a fee of Shs3,000 per phone for four days.

She is said to have collected and pocked at least Shs134 million shillings.
Academic register cleared.

Meanwhile, Mr Namoah Masikye’s appointment as the University Academic registrar was also cleared by the IGG.

“I am in receipt of a letter from the director, human resources and secretary to the appointment board dated April 25, 2017 requesting me to authorise the appointment of Mr Namoah as the university academic registrar following clearance of appointment process by the IGG arising from petition that had been logged with the office of the IGG nearly two years ago,” the chairperson of the University Council, Dr Charles Wana-Etyem stated in a April 28 letter to the university secretary Mr Charles Barugahare.

The letter further reads. “This is therefore to authorise the appointment of Mr Namoah as the academic registrar under the terms and conditions outlined during the advertisement for the position, the universities and other tertiary institutions UOTIA and university human resources manual with effect from May 1.”


Court blocks journalists from covering Dr. Nyanzi’s case

High Court Judge, Elizabeth Kabanda, who is hearing the case of Makerere University academician Dr Stella Nyanzi has ordered journalists out of her chambers.
Justice Kabanda on Wednesday ordered journalists out after Dr Nyanzi appeared before her for review of her bail, before Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s Court, where the presiding magistrate Mr James Ereemye remanded her without hearing her bail application. Nyanzi is accused of cyber harassment and offensive communication.
Journalists from various media are packed in the corridor leading to Justice Kabanda’s Chambers.


Dr Nyanzi is currently inside the judge’s Chambers alongside her lawyers led by Nicholas Opiyo, and state attorneys.
Dr Nyanzi is challenging the manner in which she was remanded to Luzira prison on April 10, by Buganda Road Court chief magistrate James Ereemye, without entertaining her bail application.

However, shortly after the proceedings in the judge’s chambers, Mr Opiyo told Daily Monitor that Justice Kabanda had adjourned the case to 3:30 pm.



FDC’s Kantinti loses Kyadondo East parliamentary seat

The Court of Appeal has nullified the election of Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament Apollo Kantinti on grounds that the Electoral Commission did not comply with electoral laws. Court, therefore ordered the electoral body to organise fresh elections in the constituency.

Mid last year, High Court judge Isabirye Kaweesa, nullified Kantinti’s election and ordered the Electoral Commission to organise fresh elections in his constituency.

This followed a successful petition by NRM’s William Sitenda Sebalu who was the runner up in the February 18 election and lost to Kantinti by a small margin of 326 votes.

“We have found in our resolution on ground number seven that the learned trial judge was correct when he held that there was noncompliance of the electoral laws which substantially affected the results of Kyadondo East Constituency,” reads part of the joint ruling by Justice Paul Mugamba, Justice Cheborion Barishaki and Richard Buteera.

“The election of Kyadondo East Constituency is here by set aside and the electoral commission ordered to conduct fresh elections in the constituency,” the judgment states.

Mr Sebalu had in his petition sued Kantinti, the Electoral Commission and Bukirwa for conniving to commit several election irregularities which he said affected the quality of the election in Kyadondo East in a substantial manner, hence the nullification of the same by the court.

But being dissatisfied with the ruling of the High Court, Mr Kantinti appealed against the same before the Court of Appeal that will determine his appeal today.

The returning officer declared Mr Kantinti the winner of the Kyadondo East constituency with 9,005 votes and Mr Sebalu as runner up with 8,679 votes.

Court ordered the Electoral Commission to organise fresh elections in the



The Auditor General has uncovered rot in management of Nakivubo stadium leading to loss of over 900 million shillings.

This is contained in the latest Auditor General’s report to the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee for the 2012/2013 financial year.

According to the report, the rot emanates from the Ministry of Education and Sports failure to appoint a substantive Board of Directors with the approval of Cabinet to supervise the operations of the Stadium management as required by the Government standing orders.

Sources said that lack of the Board of Directors had led to mismanagement of Stadium assets and properties contrary to the Principles of good corporate governance which require that there is separation of Board and management responsibilities.

The report noted that the Board Chairperson and two members of the board are signatories to the Trust bank accounts and are involved in the day-today operations of the Trust contrary to the stipulated Government standing orders.

The Auditor General’s report further shows that for example, it was the Chairperson of the Finance Committee of the Stadium’s Board who approves payments without any further scrutiny from her superiors leading to fusion of responsibilities.

The Auditor General has asked the Ministry of Education and Sports to take up the matter to ensure that the board‟s functions are divorced from the routine
operations of the Trust and perform their rightful obligation of providing strategic

Other issues uncovered by the report include

Despite the Stadium’s Board of Trustees signing a memorandum of understanding with Uganda Revenue Authority to clear its tax arrears of 865 million shillings plus penalities by May 2015, no sufficient evidence was shown to the Auditors to prove payment of the debt in installments as earlier agreed.

The report further indicates that there is a risk that the stadium’s assets could be attached by URA to recover the taxes.

The Auditor General has also faulted the Stadium’s Management of failing to provide key strategic policies like on management of fixed assets, risk management, fraud control and revenue and debt management policy that would enable the entity to operate efficiently

Absence of policies implies that management actions are not properly guided and may negatively affect the operations of the Trust.

The Auditor General John Muwanga’s report further notes accuses the stadium Management for failing to provide tenancy agreements and the list of all the tenants operating from the stadium’s space.

Other issues uncovered include the over expenditure of Stadium resources to cover expenses on Board meetings, transport costs and administration allowances worth 134 million shillings above the budgeted for allocations in the period under review.

The report notes that information on the Stadium’s ledger books are written in pencil by the Accounts Assistant which provides an opportunity to alter the data for other interests.

However, one of the named culprits, Hajjati Minsa Kabanda said that the report was made using false assumptions.

She said that it could be the work of Political opponents fighting the stadium management and the Ministry of Sports.

Efforts to talk to the Stadium Admnistrator, Mr. Lwanga Yusuf have proved futile.




This is a copy of Nuwagaba’s confession published by Chimp reports

Confession: How Bishop Niringiye’s Anti-corruption Crusade Landed Him Into Captivity

By Vincent Nuwagaba

I find the 2013 Uganda quite humorous, quite enthralling but also bemusing as much as it is amusing.

Since 2008, the government has treated me as a ball to be kicked by any policeman; it has taken me to be a drum; it has turned me into a punching bag. The reason has been simple: I speak too much and what I speak is too true to be fathomed. In fact, I have been portrayed as a problem everywhere. My colleagues in the human rights fraternity have ignored me; some of them have gullibly and naively concluded that I am mentally disabled never mind that the so-called experts have also declared me to be a genius.

Why do I begin with these opening remarks? On Monday February 4, I was arrested together with Bishop Zac Niringiye as we distributed the Black Monday Newsletter that chronicled corruption scandals by politicians and civil servants in the “visionary NRM government under the visionary leader” His Excellency Yoweri Museveni.

As we drove in Bishop Niringiye’s vehicle towards our next stage, we were blocked by the police patrol vehicle. Soon, I saw very many policemen armed to the teeth cocking their guns and I realized we had been arrested. While it may have come as a shock to the venerable Bishop, I found it quite usual and deep in my heart I was happy that the police had played into our hands.

A few minutes later, SSP Sam Omala ordered Bishop Niringiye to lower the window glasses. We were told to go to Wandegeya for a chat with the police and we obliged and we went in the company of two uniformed police officers both of them Cadet Assistant Superintend of Police.

As we reached Wandegeya, we found some students had also been arrested and they were asking why they were being subjected to anguish and torment. As I spoke in defence of the students, Bishop Niringiye rebuked me and told me he was going to chase me. At that point the man of God didn’t realize that he had already been arrested and he didn’t know that being soft with the police wouldn’t help him at all.

Minutes after arriving at the police city lawyer my friend Nicholas Opiyo arrived but he alone can tell the ridicule he was subjected to by SSP Omara and the Wandegeya Police station OC CID. Poor Nicholas and Zac thought they were going to use civil means with the police that has no scintilla of civility never mind that it is by law supposed to be a civilian force.

Our lawyer Nicholas Opiyo was reinforced by another prominent lawyer Deo Nkunzingoma, president Uganda Law Society. Because I am very close to Nicholas Opiyo and very close to Deogratias Nkuzingoma, I was tempted to think that they were there primarily because of me. In a short while, both the lawyers and my co-suspects became uncomfortable with me. Why? Because I never beseeched the police, I told them off and when the OC CID attempted to beat me, I told him that I would send him to his creator if he dared to touch me.

Inevitably, I was looked at as a spoiler and separated from the other suspects. I called my own lawyers – Asuman Basalirwa and tried getting in touch with Norbert Mao. Not because I despise Nicholas Opiyo for I know he is one the most brilliant young lawyers in Kampala but because he failed to understand one thing: that political questions are best answered with political solutions.

As a human rights defender and scholar I refuse to accept one thing. I will never negotiate with anybody when I know he or she is wrong. I will never sweet-talk anybody doing wrong. My approach works very well. My brains are superb and they never lie to me. This explains why I am now a free man but Bishop Niringiye is a captive because he still has to report to police on February 14. This explains why I never stepped in police cells but Bishop Niringiye and others did. This explains why I stayed in my shoes, stayed with my phone and all possessions but they rest had them removed.

The Black Monday architects are not entirely clean

Sadly, our society is entirely rotten. There’s stinking corruption in Civil Society Organisations more than in government agencies. And the reason is simple: because all government institutions are kaput, no efforts have ever been made to unearth corruption orchestrated, perpetrated and perpetuated by CSOs. I can state without any contradiction that most noise makers in civil society organizations are stinking rich not because of hard work but because they pilfer donor funds which are meant to benefit the ordinary citizen. And because the so-called activists know me, they don’t allow me closer to them. That’s why I am the only activist who earns no coin from the donors.

Definitely, there’s a lot of money for the Black Monday campaign. The organizers are not ready to account to anybody. I wonder how and why they should address press conferences without our knowledge; they meet the police without me even when I am at the venue; they address joint press conferences with the police without our mandate. Is civil society synonymous with NGOs? No. Are civil society members employees in the NGOs? An empathic no. To NGO Forum, HURINET, Uganda Debt Net Work (UDN), Anticorruption Coalition Uganda (ACCU), DENIVA, Leonard Okello, Bishop Zac Niringiye, and Jackie Asiimwe, among others, corruption cannot be fought using nontransparent means. As you put to task the thieves to account, you also must account for the funds that use in the Black Monday Campaign. At least, I know for sure that you are not using your own money. I also need a vehicle, I need money, I need newsletters and all other paraphernalia to enable me in the campaign. I am the only person who dovetails with the unemployed youths and students in universities and other institutions of learning. I can give several reasons to buttress my argument if you dispute my assertion.

What shocked me is that after the release of Bishop Niringiye from the cells, virtually all the activists were less enthusiastic about the release of the students who incidentally had been recruited by Dr Niringiye into the campaign. I told the police leadership – ACP Tanui, the Regional Police Commander that I would mobilize students from Makerere to torch the police station if the students were not released after Dr Niringiye had been released. They were actually released after they had seen go to Makerere University to do the mobilization.

I embrace the Black Monday campaign simply because the issues raised are legitimate not that I agree with the architects. I believe that after successfully burying political corruption, it will be easy to put an end to corruption in NGOs and trade unions. I have resolved never to step in police cells again and never to be beaten by the police again until I have ousted Museveni’s regime using brain power. To successfully fight mediocrity, corruption and social injustice, you must consult me. I never joined anyone among the Black Monday activists in the fight against Museveni’s dysfunctional regime but they have all joined me. They cannot claim to be my leaders in the anticorruption crusade.

Mr Nuwagaba is a human rights defender